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E-BOOK Bertram Y. Kinzey Jr. Contributions and Influences on Current Research, Teaching and Design of the Architecture of Sound

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Bertram Y Kinzey Jr was a Professor, Architect, Acoustic consultant, Organ builder and organist. His love of music was intertwined with his love of buildings in the study of acoustics. He taught for decades, first at Virginia Polytechnic university and then at the university of Florida. His impact has spanned over 70 years and he has taught thousands.


In 2017, he was awarded the Paul Boner award, in honor of his enormous impact that he has had in the world of architectural acoustics and he was able to receive the award personally, at the age of 96! A special session was held at the ASA meeting Boston, where former students and students-of-students paid tribute to his impact on them and the profession by presenting papers. This book Is a compilation of those papers to memorialize the event and honor the profound impact he has had on so many people in the profession.